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Nonton film No Game No Life: Zero (2017) terbaru

No Game No Life: Zero (2017)

PG-13Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
Quality: Year: Duration: 106 MinView: 77 views
69 votes, average 7.3 out of 10

Six thousand years before Sora and Shiro were even a blink in the history of Disboard, war consumed the land, tearing apart the heavens, destroying stars, and even threatening to wipe out the human race. Amid the chaos and destruction, a young man named Riku leads humanity toward the tomorrow his heart believed in. One day, in the ruins of an Elf city, he meets Shuvi, a female exiled “Ex-machina” android who asks him to teach her what it means to have a human heart.

Revenue:$ 6.000.000,00

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