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Nonton film Cerita Hantu Malaysia (2014) terbaru

Cerita Hantu Malaysia (2014)

Genre: Dunia21
Quality: Year: Duration: 84 MinView: 40 views
1 votes, average 6.0 out of 10

The film consists of three stories that are interconnected with each other. It starts off at an old school where the guard on duty keeps experiencing spooky happenings during his shift. This prompts the school authorities to call a medium to perform an exorcism to drive the spirits away from the school. In the following story, the medium and his assistant, Saad, is returning from the school when their car crashes. The medium dies from a heart attack. Saad dies when a car hits him. In the final story, Jo, Mansur and Akim are looking for their friend, Rose, who has been possessed and has gone missing. They encounter many strange happenings until they find Saad’s and the medium’s lifeless bodies by the roadside.

Tagline:All ghost story, the existence is there..

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